Friday, April 6, 2007

Small 1.06 fixes

Just a note about a few more 1.06 things. But first, regarding 1.05 Final, it seriously, really, probably, maybe, should be coming out early next week... That's about all I know about it. =)

EnableAreaWater() - Turn water rendering on/off in an area.
SpeakOneLinerConversation() - Now takes a volume parameter (Only supports talk, whisper, and shout)
SetScale() - changed to accept x, y, z axis as parameters
Dedicated Server now correctly lists modules in directory format that are located in the MyDocs directories.
Dedicated Server now takes a -moduledir parameter to allow launching modules stored in directory format to be loaded via command line parameters.


Rich Taylor said...

Oh yeah, I should add that I fixed a bug that made it impossible to fire off sub-feats from the context menu. It would always fire off the master feat no matter how you had set it up.

Senalaya said...

Does your comment regarding SetScale() mean, that there will be actual Get/SetScale() functions? Or did you refer to the EffectScale()?

kivinen said...

I really hope it will be real

SetScale(object oObject, float fScaleY, float fScaleY, float fScaleZ);

and it will work for placeables too, not only for creatures.


float GetScaleX(object oObject);
float GetScaleY(object oObject);
float GetScaleZ(object oObject);

are also needed to get size of the chair and creature, to see if the creature can sit on the chair etc. I.e at least that need to work for creatures and placeables, even if we cannot set scale of the placeables with SetScale.

Rich Taylor said...

I've made a note to add a SetScale() and matching GetScale*() script functions that will operate directly on the scale of a game object rather than going through the Effects system.