Friday, February 23, 2007

Couple new GUI script functions for 1.06

1.06 will have a number of new script functions that will give improved control over custom GUIs.

Two of the new script functions are:


This script function will let you set the position of a progress bar (Between 0.0 for empty and 1.0 for full).

The other new function is:


This script function will let you set the texture for a UIIcon, a UIFrame's fill texture, or a Button's Base Frame's fill texture.

Both script functions require the UIScene to be scriptloadable like all the other GUI related scripting functions.


Shadow Weaver said...

Very nice! I was looking at making a mana bar for my module and, at the moment, it only has a number value. Having this would allow me to have a progress bar as well.

Perhaps even have a progress bar for a spell's casting time as well... Very nice indeed.

abraxas77 said...

Yeah, I had been killing and healing a dummy creature to use his HP% to represent my progress bar. The script function will make things a heck of a lot easier.

Game of Thrones said...

This has made life so much easier for programming GUIs! Thanks!!

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