Thursday, March 1, 2007


Sorry for the delay in posting, but if you're into custom UI work, this information will have been worth the wait. :)

A new callback in 1.06 is:
UIObject_Misc_ExtractData( sourceobject, datatype, index, destinationvar )

This callback can be used to extract the data imbedded by the engine within UI Objects. First I'll go over the parameters, then I'll give some examples.

This parameter is used to define which UI Object we are extracting data from. It accepts the following options:

selected:listboxname - By replacing 'listboxname' with the name of the listbox you're interested in, you can tell this callback to use the selected row within the list box as the source of the data.

self: - By using 'self:', you are telling the callback to use the object that invoked the callback as the source from which to extract the data.

context:uiobject - By using context:uiobject:', you are telling the callback to use the UI Object that invoked the context menu. This obviously only means anything if the callback is being called from a context menu node. If called from anywhere else, the callback will do nothing.

objectname - If you enter any string besides the above 3 options, the callback will search for a UIObject within the same scene as the object executing this callback that has that name.

The datatype tells the callback which data type it should be extracting from the UIObject. Note that regardless of what the original data type is, the data type that gets stored in the GUI Variable at the end will always be a string.

The data type values are:
bool -'true' or 'false' are the strings that will get stored in the GUI variable

Again, it's important to remember that no matter what the originating data type is, the result will be stored as a string variable within the GUI variable specified.

This is the index of the data to extract. If the index is invalid for the UIObject, a default value will get stored in the GUI variable (Either "" or "0" or "false" depending on what the originating data type was).

This can be a local:# or global:#. The type of the stored data will always be a string.

Example 1
Now for some real examples that will work.

The grid icons in the inventory grid have the following data imbedded in them:
OBJECT_ID(0) = The object currently displayed in that icon
OBJECT_ID(1) = The object that was dispalyed in that icon on the previous frame
int(0) = The stacksize for that object on the previous update frame
int(1) = Indicates if the item is identified or not
int(2) = Indicates if the item is usable or not
int(3) = Indicates if the item is ghosted or not

It would be possible for me to change the inventory screen to drop items if I double right click on them.

I would edit the 'InvPrototypeButton' inside of inventory.xml and add:


When I right double click that item, the first callback will extract the Object ID of the item and place it in local:3 as a string that looks like: "32144" or whatever the object ID is.

Then the 2nd callback would execute, asking the server to fire off the "gui_dropitem" script, and it would pass the 32144 value in as a parameter to the script (Either as a string "32144" or an integer 32144, depending on what the parameter type the script is expecting).

Now I will be adding an IntToObject() script funciton that will make it possible to take that int parameter and turn it into an object parameter. At that point, you could use the DropItem action and have the player drop that object.

Note that in this example, I would've had to remove the OnRightClick call to the context menu for the item button or it would end up blocking the double right click (Due to the context menu popping up and blocking the second click).

Example 2
This example is a lot more complicated, I'll try to explain it clearly. :)

The spell buttons in the game usually have the following pieces of data:
int(0) = The spell ID that the button represents
int(1) = The multi-class index that can cast that spell
int(2) = Not used anymore, so nothing.
int(3) = The meta magic feat, if any
int(4) = Whether or not this is a spontanously cast spell
int(5) = Whether or not this is a domain spell
int(6) = Whether or not this is a cheat-command spell cast

The values for int(3), the meta magic feat, are:
1 = Empower
2 = Extend
4 = Maximize
8 = Quicken
16 = Silent
32 = Still
64 = Persistent
128 = Permanent

The warlock invocations are also meta-magic feats, as follows (Note, I'm not sure how many of these are actually in the game, I'm just going down the list of constants in the code):
256 = Draining Blast
512 = Eldritch Spear
1024 = Frightful Blast
2048 = Hideous Blow
4096 = Beshadowed Blast
8192 = Brimstone Blast
16384 = Eldritch Chain
32768 = Hellrime Blast
65536 = Bewitching Blast
13102 = Eldritch Cone
262144 = Noxious Blast
524288 = Vitrioloic Blast
1048576 = Eldritch Doom
2097152 = Utterdark Blast

Let's say I want to make my own custom Examine Spell command for the spells_known.xml listing of spells.

First off, let's add our own custom radial menu (Another new feature in 1.06).

In spells_known.xml, I would go to the SPELLPANE_PROTO pane and add a

root-customspell will be the name of a new root node that I would then add to the contextmenu.xml

For now, that root node will only have 1 sub node called: node-spellexamine

node-spellexamine will be the name of a new radial node that I would make with the following callbacks:

Now when I go into the game and bring up the Spells Known screen and right click on the spell icon for a spell in the list, I will get a context menu with 1 item called 'Examine'. Clicking on that will first call:
which will extract the spell ID from int(0) on the button I brought the context menu up on and place that ID in local:5

Then it will fire
and pass along the spell ID (As stored in local:5) as the parameter to the script: gui_spellexamine

From there I can do whatever I want with that data. :)

To recap, the new features mentioned in this article are:



Feel free to ask any time you would like me to provide a detailed list of what data is imbedded in a given UI Object. Some you'll probably be able to figure out on your own via trial and error, but I'll be happy to look into any specific UI Object if you need.


Grinning Fool said...
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Grinning Fool said...
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kivinen said...

Are you going to add UIObject_Misc_ImportData also, and ObjectToInt, so we could change the objects and so on in the OnAdd etc actions. I.e. do


that will then use

SetLocalGUIVariable(oPC, "SCREEN", 0, IntToString(ObjectToInt(oObject)));

to store oObject as local:0, and then we could use

OnAdd1=UIObject_Misc_ImportData(self, "objectid", 0, local:0)

to change the object used in gui...

Rich Taylor said...

That's an interesting idea. If you think it will be useful, I can add it.

One caveate:
The server-side script will get executed after all of the OnAdds callbacks have been processed on the client. Perhaps /well/ after all those OnAdds will have been processed.

It wouldn't be valid to do a

Due to the nature of network messages needing to be sent back and forth, and the fact that if the client and server are seperate processes, they aren't even running in synch anyway, it's best to think of any GUI call to ExecuteServerScript() as firing off a request to the server to execute the script at its earliest convenience.

Heed said...

Hey Rich,

Not sure if you still have time to check the blog, but I would love a list of the data embedded in the hotbar -- either in the proto button or grid. I'm specifically trying to find the objectid of an object in the hotbar -- I figured it would be embedded by the engine, but I can't seem to find it.

I've discovered the grid holds the PC object at index 0 for objectid and that the proto button holds its hotbar button number at index 0 for int data, but that's about it.


Rich Taylor said...

The bad news is, for right now anyway, you can't access that data.

The hotbar buttons you see on the hotbars are all referencing a 'Hotbar table' that the client manages. At the moment, there is no way to interact with the contents of the real Hotbar Table via GUI callbacks. :/

I'm going to try and think of a way of exposing that data to callbacks so you can access it, but as of right now there is no way to.


Heed said...

Thanks for the reply, Rich.

Too bad about the data, but I'll survive. ;)

I appreciate the response and explanation. I can at least leave it alone for now knowing I can't get to the data.

dm_cipher said...

Hi Rich,

Hopefully you still read this blog as it appears to be the only place to address gui related questions.

Is it possible to extract the PlotID of a journal entry (quest tag) from a player's journal? A little trial and error with Misc_ExtractData() on version 1.12 (MotB) didn't reveal anything useful, though I was able to retrieve an "objectid" from the button prototype, which strangely didn't resolve to any object in-game. So, it doesn't seem like there's any actual data embedded in the journal, though I was able to retrieve the quest name and description another way.

Unfortunately, all the scripting functions in the game require PlotID. Without that, journal manipulation from the gui does not seem possible. If this data isn't currently embedded in the journal, can it be added? I'm simply trying to deduce what quest a player has clicked on and pass that to the server.

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciate.


Anonymous said...

What data is imbedded in a UIText object?

Anonymous said...

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